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Crochet differently

My "Hello Kittys" in canarian costume

My favourite festival, here on Lanzarote is the Romeria de los Dolores. I myself have some canarian costumes, so why not have a "Hello Kitty" couple in the Canary style!! And so emerged my logo, matching the name. Lanza ... Lanzarote & gurumi ... Amigurumi!

How it all began

I have been living on the beautiful island of Lanzarote for many years. But my home is Germany, with its traditions and its culture. One may not believe it, but the saying: "Other countries, different customs" is so true!
Here you can buy only very few Easter decorations but on the Internet there are so many beautiful crochet patterns
... but I cannot crochet!
My sister teached me knitting a long time ago and the harder the pattern the better. So I thought I should try crochet!

From Beginner to a Wool-Aholic

Thanks to Youtube and many nice people, who upload videos and take the time to explain every trick, I can now crochet. I respect and admire the people who have the talent and take the time to come up with new instructions and patterns and share with us! Thank you all! My first work was a Hello Kitty and I can still remember how proud I was. With a little patience, it is not difficult to learn to crochet. This enables you to crochet such lovely and unique things that you can give away as presents or just to enjoy yourself.

I love what I do

My pride is my self-crocheted doll house. On this website I would like to introduce you not only to them, but also to offer the opportunity to crochet such a lovely piece. In the coming months, I will share Youtube videos, which you can use to crochet almost everything. For this, you need basic knowledge in crocheting, but I will explain everything exactly. So do not worry, everyone can do it!

Enjoy exploring!
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