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A new room!

My new room for the baby is ready! With many new instructions and details.

Change to multilingual videos

Thanks to a new feature on Youtube, I can now set the video multilingual. That means I will also revise and upload the existing videos. That will help to make my channel clearer.

Under the sea

The last days I was working very hard on a christmas present for my friends of Oceanos de Fuego! And what is better, than to give them 2 beautiful riffs.

Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery

A very special order

One of the most important book fair in Berlin is coming up. And nothing is better than a pretty decoration. So the Weibsbilder Publishers have ordered some special Amigurumis of me. I hope you like it.


Birthday Present

My sister's birthday is coming and what is better than a homemade gift. She likes penguins! So I got to the needle and started crochet.
But what would be a gift without a private touch. Since she is the boss of the Weibsbilder Publishers, I thought that he got better a few books and also glasses.
And here is the little one, already arrived at home. He made the long journey with his small feet to Germany.


There is always something to celebrate

To celebrate over 500 "Like", there was a small contest on Facebook. For all those who were not lucky, there are now the patterns for the champagne gift set on Youtube.

to the patterns

A „small“ Present

The reason of my long absence!
My cousin is pregnant and there is nothing nicer than a handmade gift. So I thought and started immediately to work.
Here you can see what my cousin can looking forward. I hope she likes it!


Happy Easter

I hope this Easter holiday fills your home with peace, joy, and plenty of colorful Easter eggs.
Like all the years again with my favorite ... my false rabbit!

Shabby Chic

Yesterday I uploaded a video that I had in mind a long time. A video showing the advantages of a crochet doll house as a toy, for our smallest! I know what kind of work it is, I have crochet more than a half year for the first doll house, but the splendor and joy in the eyes of the new owner was worth all the work. Since the new house remains with me, I have decided for other colors ... white with a touch of pink. I hope you accompany me with the creation of a Shabby Chic doll house!


Thank you!

This week was spectacular! I had over 300 visits on my website! The first time!
I thank you all and I hope you like the website. I hope that you also have that much fun, creating of your own you dollhouse, like me.

Small changes

I made a small changes on the website. So that you can directly recognize instructions, which are already online on Youtube. These are now visible in the photos with red background!
Enjoy crocheting!

Warning! Crochet makes addicted!

Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Perhaps with some homemade and heartfelt gifts!
Would you like for next year an Advent calendar? With 24 surprises to decorate your dollhouse festively?
I look forward to your opinion!

Tell me!

The first Youtube video is ready

My first video is on Youtube! What I've tried!
First I thought I do like all the other channels, videos in which I talk and explain everything. But I've now decided to create the video with individual photos and text. This is a bit more elaborate, but I like it.
I hope you too!


We go online

My mom always says we never stop learning! And how true is that I have experienced with this website!
The idea for this website came to me when the dollhouse was finished. Why should not I share this work with you? So get to work. First of all, I tried it with a free website, but I did not like it at all. Thank you to my brother-in-law, who spent with me eternities on the phone, this website was created.

"Creativity is contagious. Spread it!"

Albert Einstein
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