The Dollhouse

Pure Handwork!
  • Thanks to: Catrin & Jörg
  • Date: 1. October 2016

The idea to crochet an entire doll house came to me, when I realized that I somehow only made Christmas or Easter decorations. That was at the beginning and really exciting but after 2 years one has then also enough of it.
What would become of the idea, from a living room with a sofa and an armchair, a bedroom with bed and a children's room after 6 months of work, I would like to show you ...
... and maybe someone wants to try to crochet it too!
It was a lot of fun for me, I searched and searched on countless websites. But I had to realize that the idea to crochet a doll's house and to find patterns is not so simple like I thought.

Room Overview

Have fun exploring my self-made and self-crocheted doll house.

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